Shipping & Returns

Return processing restrictions

If you have any after-sales problems, please contact us directly to find a solution according to your situation. We will confirm whether you need to return the item and to which address you can return the item.
We do not support returns for no reason.
If the product is damaged during your use, this does not belong to the refundable scope.
If the product has quality problems that are not artificially damaged, please contact us to arrange for a return or replacement. You will be responsible for paying the return shipping fee.
How to request warranty (return, repair, and refund) and notes
If your item has an issue, please contact us
Please carefully follow our warranty process to minimize any delays:
1. Describe the problem with your item in detail: What happened? When? How? Please also state your full order number and SN number.
2. Tell us what steps you have already taken to resolve the issue.
3. Provide the SN number on the back of the product.
4. Send a clear photo or video showing the defect(s); these should be taken under good lighting.
You need to provide a clear photo or video showing the product problem/order /SN number.
Photos/videos should ideally be clear and focused, taken under good lighting conditions, and from a close to medium distance. This allows us to identify and verify the issue(s).
If the product is found to have non-artificial quality problems within one month after receipt, we are responsible for shipping costs, and the customer must use our specified shipping method to return to the specified address. In all return cases, the customer must provide a tracking number.
3. Customers must contact us before returning an item. Returned items without Return Merchandise Authorization will not be accepted. For incomplete warranty requests, We reserve the right to refuse any compensation. If the customer has returned the package without prior authorization, sends to the wrong address, returns an incorrect item, or submits an empty package, we reserve the right to refuse any compensation.
4. Customers must return the item by the shipping method specified by us.
6. All returns will be checked by our technical team upon arrival. If the returned product cannot be repaired, we will provide an alternative solution. 

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